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Christian Ure

HR Manager at Form 1

The Form1 Group really struggled with 360 degree feedback, performance management and performance reviews. Then we were introduced to Note It, the Performance Management software.

This Australian based company flipped the script on how we conduct reviews, offered feedback and managed the performance of our employees and contractors. Note It's ease of use and clear indicators allowed supervisors and managers from all departments to fully engage with the app without the need for lengthy training sessions.

Michael Critchley

HR Superintendent at Glencore

Note It provided an innovative, user friendly solution for capturing feedback within a high paced geographically challenged workforce environment.

The application was extremely easy for our Supervisors to use within the work environment and provided Senior Leadership with an immediate understanding of the content, frequency and quality of workforce interactions.

Support Services, individual tailoring and creative consultation from the Note It team was also highly commendable.

Bruce Gould

Production Manager at Yancoal / Glencore Joint Venture

We required a performance management tool to support our supervisors and managers, one that could be used away from the desk and in the workplace.

Our team found it extremely easy to use and provided much needed support when delivering and capturing performance discussions. We also found a significant increase in the number of performance interactions recorded, as well as an improvement in the quality of the information captured. As a result, our senior leadership team now have a better understanding of how our team is performing in real time.

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